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Mankind discovered a distant moon that is suspected to hold intelligent life. A rover was built – the most advanced of her kind – to study these theoretical aliens and collect samples for a possible return trip. The rover was named Tenacity and sent on her way.

After years of silent flying, Tenacity landed on the moon. There were, indeed, aliens there. Unfortunately, the aliens were a race of extreme technophobes that would disassemble any highly-advanced machinery they find.

As they ominously approached Tenacity, her self-preservation programming kicked in. She unleashed her sample-collecting tools. And she fired on the aliens.

It is unfortunate that Tenacity must kill every alien that sees her. But at least there will be plenty of samples for her to collect. And stories will spread among the aliens, uttered in hushed whispers. Legends and myths of the one they call…


  • Top-down wave-based shooter
  • Collect as many samples as you can to beat your high score!
  • Fun art-style featuring blood and oil splattering the ground!
  • Controlled entirely by mouse! No keyboard inputs required!
  • Featuring sound effects by Zapsplat.com and music by Alexander Nakarada

CONTENT WARNING: Oil and blood splatters abound in this game. I sincerely doubt it would churn stomachs, but consider this a heads-up anyway.


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