A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

Set just before the main game, The Antares Project: Prologue serves as both a demo and as its own experience. You are Al.  You and Beau stop by the small rural town of Prologue to trade with the local scrap dealers. All you find is silence, and a strange robot named Annesette. Annesette is looking for something, and the two of you offer to help her. As you search, it becomes clear that something has gone wrong not just with Prologue, but with Mars in general...

  • A short science fiction visual novel with RPG elements
  • A demo, a prologue, and a standalone game all in one!
  • Meet two of the five robot companions that will be available in the full game!

*NOTE: please feel free to leave feedback and/or bug reports in the comments, as both will help mold the full game into something special!


Install instructions

Unzip the folder to your desired location

WINDOWS: Double-click the .exe file within the folder.

LINUX: Open the console, navigate to the game folder, type in ./TAPPrologue.sh


TAPPrologue-1.0-market.zip 92 MB

Development log


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90/100 VERY GOOD