Welcome to Unlucky Cat: The Journaling RPG!

This game is a journaling TTRPG companion to the upcoming Unlucky Cat: The Narrative Adventure.  Both are shamelessly inspired by Stray, so there's that.

Follow along with the sheet to craft your story of a stray cat trying to find a loving home.  Will fate find you a peaceful life, or a difficult one?  Roll the dice and find out!

10 community copies are available for those who can't afford to spend money willy-nilly at the moment.  For those who CAN afford to spend money willy-nilly at the moment, the game will have a launch sale starting tomorrow (which doubles as a happy-birthday-to-me sale!).

And some bonus trivia: the cat used on the cover and background is Eve, my old lady cat.  I rescued her when she was a kitten back in 2008, and she's been my cat ever since.  She's also going to lend her image and meows to Unlucky Cat: The Narrative Adventure.


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Jul 29, 2022

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