The Steam page is now live! Also an sale!

It has finally happened!  I am equal parts excited and a nervous wreck!

Clash's Steam page is now live.  It's not launching until early January because I'm still doing some tweaks behind the scenes.  Also, I need time to shill the page so that people find out the game does, indeed, exist on Steam.  I need to actually be able to make money this time around.  Or at least more money than the last time I tried putting a game on Steam.

I must say, the uploading process was a lot better this time.  In two years, they've already improved a lot of my original complaints with how it is being a solo dev with no resources getting a game up and running.  So for any other devs who are intimidated by Steam's uploading process, don't be!

Also, in celebration of both this and of the upcoming Thanksgiving holiday, the version of Clash Complete is on sale!  You can check that one out here!

Get Clash: Robot Detective - Complete Edition

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hey! is the version of the complete game any different than the one in steam? 

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The Complete Edition is the same between versions.  Now, the Steam version may get trading cards (and associated goodies like badges, backgrounds, etc) down the line.  But the main content of the game is the same.