A computer is asked to solve the cancer crisis.  

Without proper parameters, this proves a difficult task for the computer...

  • Short interactive fiction
  • Build your empathy and apathy points
  • Solve the cancer crisis!
  • Created in Ink
  • Exported to HTML
  • Featuring photography by Unsplash

Trailer music "Melodic Interlude Two" by Alexander Nakarada.  Licensed under Creative Commons BY Attribution 4.0 License.  https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/


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... you get the same solution whether you choose minds or souls? That's weird.

Cool idea, though! It was fun to play. 

This is going to spoil how it works but the solutions are based off all of your choices up to that point, not just the last ones.  So if you chose four Empathy options (aka, the first ones) and then the Apathy option (aka the second one) for the last choice, then the Empathy ending happens (because people can have a moment of weakness and still be good, or vice versa, idk it made sense when I was coding it).  

If you got majority Empathy on one run and majority Apathy points on another run and still got the same ending on both runs...that's not supposed to happen, it is glitch I did not have happen when I tested.  ^^;  Hope that helps!

Oh, I get it. Because there was one 'final choice', I thought that was the one that mattered. I didn't realize it was just keeping score. Thanks for explaining!

No problem!