A downloadable Fallout fangame for Windows and Linux

You have been hired by a disgruntled water saleswoman to spy on Washer Waters Farm.  This farm has not been open long but is already selling strangely large quantities of purified water; it is your job to find their secret.

Aided by a heavily-customized robobrain named Darlene, you investigate Washer Waters and discover the secret to their success.  What you do with this information once you retrieve it is all up to you!

  • A bite-sized Fallout experience
  • Stylized after New Vegas' writing style and branching quests
  • Four potential outcomes based on your decisions!
  • Setpieces, people, and robots crafted and/or photographed in Fallout 4: GOTY Edition!
  • Ranked 2nd for Story/Mood/Atmosphere; 4th for Audio, Fun, Overall; 8th for Graphics, and 9th for Creativity in MFGG Jam 5!

Content Warning: 

  • As this is a visual novel written to feel at least somewhat like a quest in a Fallout: New Vegas, it contains content as such.  
  • Be prepared for harsh language, situations of ambiguous morals, and flirting with robots.  
  • Also, the speech checks are not actual checks.  They are meant as humorous decor/references.  The jam this fangame was made for was not long enough for actual speech checks.  :-(
  • Finally, there is a robot named X.B.O.X.-360.  This was done to make sure the game fit the jam theme.  It may be lore-breaking but honestly, the name has grown on me and I refuse to change it post-jam. 


FalloutWasherWaters-1.0-market.zip 142 MB


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Nice novel, really captures the vibe of fallout, also can romance a robot. Win in my book.


nice novel fallout