When I was a child, I remember a time when I went to the beach at night with my family. My parents and I walked along the shore until we came across a wrecked shrimp boat. I went up to it, and my parents screamed at me to get away from it. It was just a boat. I never understood why they panicked like that...

  • Unlock the secrets of the shipwreck
  • Prepare yourself for the treasures inside
  • Featuring backgrounds by Unsplash
  • Featuring sound effects by Zapsplat.com
  • Featuring music by Alexander Nakarada

    Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
    (2 total ratings)
    AuthorDrone Garden Studios
    TagsExploration, Horror, Pixel Art, Point & Click
    Average sessionA few minutes


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    Neat idea, but things happen a bit too fast to notice, I'd suggest letting the text stay for a few seconds and stop the player from changing scenes immediately. I seemed to go from the right of the kitchen to the beach but the furniture was still there, so the boat appeared in the kitchen lol

    That furniture thing shouldn't have happened.  I thought I'd fixed that bug.  D:  I'll have to look into that more.  Also, figure out the timing better.  I actually slowed it down a LOT from what it originally was, and my brain still thought it was too slow.  Its all one big learning process!

    It's quite nice game, even if the font of "over here" doesn't fit with the pixelated style of the rest of the game.

    I moved to my house but I'm not able to get in, I tried clicking on it as well as moving with the wasd keys.

    I wish I knew how to block out comments as spoilers but I don't so here it is: There's a button you have to press to bring down the stairs and get into the house.