A Quick Update...

Wanted to quickly update you all on Clash Complete's Steam progress.

I am aiming to get the page made on 11/14.  That's when I get my next paycheck and can hopefully afford the Steam fee.  Not sure when Steam will give me the okay to make the page live after that, but hopefully it will be some time before 1/6/2023 since that's the date I've set in my head for the Steam release.  That should give me enough time to drum up interest on social media while also making sure the game works great!

I've also launched the itch.io page for the sequel, which is called Clash: Blue Mirage!  You can read some more about this project over there:

These two projects - Clash 1's Steam version and Clash 2 in general - may be my last ones.  As mentioned on the Blue Mirage "Welcome" devlog, my day job + degree + finances are too much to balance with game dev right now.  Once these two are done, that will probably be it from me.  Well, except for maintenance on what was made.  Just...nothing new.

But yes, I am still trying to progress towards launching Clash on Steam.  Its just that pesky Steam fee is holding up the process.   >:-(

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Take some time off from game making, you can always go back to it later if you have the time and feel like it (well I guess after you will finish that new clash,  (I noticed the cat game is gone too :( )

You seem to have lot do do already with working and all.

Hopefully things get better for you 💪🙏

I was thinking about funding campains you tried on itchio, would it not better to try that on kickstarter? I do not know anything about that though and no idea what percentage kickstarter takes from people trying to fund a game but seeing how itchio percentages are...it cannot be worse...I think?


I have looked into Kickstarter and its way too much for me.  I also wouldn't be able to provide any backer prizes or anything.  :-(  The cat game is gone, yes, but at least the journaling game is still here!  :-)  Mostly I want to focus on the two Clash projects, that's where my heart really is.  Also I am genuinely exhausted.  Thats not a bad thing necessarily as I do love my day job and degree, but yeah it is very time and energy intensive.  I've been churning out games for two years, I think I've earned a longer break.  xD  Thanks for your kind comment!