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The rest of the game is currently in development and will eventually make its way to Steam.  

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Clash received a direct call from a scared little girl. She barely had time to scream for help before the line was cut. Her call was traced back to Fallen Plantation, a haunted mansion attraction controlled by an AI calling itself Blue Mirage. The AI is strong enough to hack Clash, even when he is disconnected from any networks! How will Clash solve this mystery? Will Clash solve this mystery?

  • Full fledged sequel to Clash: Robot Detective - Complete Edition
  • Take on the role of Clash's assistant once again
  • Find a missing girl in an AI-controlled haunted mansion
  • Meet a bunch of weirdos
  • Learn more about Clash as he learns more about himself
  • Visuals cobbled together in curious collages!
  • Achievements!
  • Speech checks!
  • Behind-the-scenes trivia!
  • Two bonus episodes after the game is completed!

The demo contains the entirety of Chapter 1: Winter Interruptions See how the adventure starts in this Christmastime murder mystery!   Please feel free to post any bugs you find or advice/notes/criticisms that come to mind as you play!

Also a free promotional background is available for download!

Download demo

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