Wednesday Update #7!

So this past week, I was able to take the time to play through the entire game.  I tried to play as straightforward as possible: not a lot of exploration, and I ran away from battles almost as many times as I fought them.  It took about an hour to get from beginning to end, which I think is a good amount of time.  I touched up some maps, and now the whole game at least LOOKS nice (to me).  The battles seemed fair, both in difficulty and in length (the latter is especially important for me, because if a turn-based battle is going even just one turn too long I get bored; I assume other players are fidgety in this area just like me).  And it was a nice, cohesive experience for the most part.  I was happy with it.

Then I added more narrative devices.  Some set up the big twist at the end better, some add to Rhonda and Diarmuid's relationship, some clarified the dialogue, and some were just plain fun.  That bumped me up from "happy" to "holy crap I am so excited to release this sucker on the 30th!"

So now, it's REALLY just editing.  Making sure triggers work exactly how I want them to, checking the spelling, all that good stuff.  Since it releases on a Thursday, there won't be a Wednesday update next week.  It'll be bumped to Thursday to announce the release!

Oh um, and if you can't wait until the 30th to play this robotic-romance game, my other two robotic-romance games that I'm selling are on sale for the Summer Sale 2022 event.  You can check them out by clicking on this sentence!


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Take your time to be sure for everything :)

I have been thinking something after having played the first demo and watching your screenshots, 

the enemies on sideview battle are by default so close to the player character or you intended it that way?


I didn't intend it that way, but I really like it.  ^^;

(1 edit) (+1)

Nothing wrong with it at all, I did not want to sound like I criticize it.

 Usually enemy is as far as possible from the player characters on sideview battle, It stands out to me that it is that way which is something good I think 🥰