HUNT3R v1.1 Available!

There was apparently a sprite missing from one of the boss fights (even though it worked on my end; the classic troubleshooting story!).  When I went to check it out, I found a crash and realized the face images for another boss fight weren't showing up.  I have a sneaking suspicion about what I did wrong.  Hence, a small update.

Both HUNT3R and v1.1 will be available once you have purchased the game.  Why you would want to play the older version, I don't know, but you do you.  I don't know if v1.1 will be available to anyone who downloaded the game during its free period.

And if the game still breaks or breaks in new places, do let me know, kthankbai.


  • Repackaged the game in a way that should restore any missing sprites
  • Repackaged the game in a way that should deal with the crash in the desert
  • Ensured that Lumberjack's face image would show up when he speaks

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Jul 07, 2022


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