HUNT3R Post-Mortem!

I am speechless.

HUNT3R has been the most successful launch of any of my games to date.  It is the second game of mine to hit quadruple-digit views (and the first to do so without being submitted to a bundle) and the third to hit triple-digit downloads.  This is a huge milestone for me, and I have you all to thank!

I'd always been a little bit nervous about how well this game would do.  I really enjoy working with RPG Maker and am probably one of the rare few devs who is completely happy with the default assets.  But there's a certain stigma against RPG Maker games, and an even bigger one against those made with said assets.  So guess what I did!

I also had my doubts about the combat.   I do not like setting up combat in games (even when RPG Maker does it all for me).  And yet, I wanted it to be a part of this game to get across the illusion that Rhonda and Diarmuid are spending a lot of time together.  I think it helped the game out a lot in the end, as not only did that illusion successfully get across but it gave people interest in the game.  Apparently, people like combat way more than I do!

I don't have a lot of full-blown negatives towards the game.  Maybe the length of time that it was free?  On the one hand, that was a lot of good publicity.  On the other hand, that was not a lot of income.  It is something I will have to think over as I move on to other games; I need to find a good balance for release strategies.

I feel like the most successful part of the game (besides the free period) would be Rhonda and Diarmuid themselves.  They were a lot of fun to write and turned out to be very charismatic.  They evolved a bit from their Starcrash inspirations to stand on their own.  The scene in the cave where Rhonda takes off her hat and Diarmuid puts it on was an idea in the spur of the moment, but ended up being my favorite bit in the whole game.

Finally, the big twist.  It's a twist I got in my head months ago and it would.  not.  LEAVE.  So I threw it into this game so that I could get it out there and stop thinking about it.  The biggest problem with the twist was setting it up so that it wasn't out of left field.  Adding in little dialogue tidbits and environmental changes to set up that reveal was absolutely necessary.  Now the question is, did the whole thing work?  I still can't tell.

And that's about it for HUNT3R.  I do plan on using Rhonda and Diarmuid in Rings of Neptune when that finally gets made (they will be the Joker to that game's Commander Shepard), as well as the consequences of the aforementioned twist.  There's also one of the boss characters that I want to use in the future if possible.  But other than that, this project is a wrap!

Again, HUGE thanks to everyone who supported this game during development and during the free weekend!  I hope you all stick around for future games from me!

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(Oh and if you got the game during the free period and liked it a lot, please consider supporting me either by buying a copy or donating through Ko-Fi.  Because I need money.  There, I said it.)


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Hi Alyssa :)

There is nothing wrong with using default assets that comes with rpg maker(I personally like them too!) but yeah a LOT of people hates them, I like the way you "fight" against this stigma.

I still have to play the full game(most likely soon enough)

Glad to see Hunt3r is successful :)

Ko-Fi link since the button isn't working and isn't letting me edit this broken page: click me