Wednesday Update #2!

It was all going so well.  I'd written quite a bit and got visuals synced up to what I had.  I'd hit my groove.  Things were taking off.

Then I went and got strep throat.

So yep.  Need to rediscover my groove.  I'm not allowed to go back to work until Friday (which, ironically, is my last day of work for 2022), so I should have time to get caught up.  Assuming the fever doesn't get too bad,  Or the throat pain.

But to reiterate, I did get quite a bit done.  Quite a bit was written, and I got quite a few visuals synced up to everything.  So progress was made.  Its just a matter of getting more progress made.

Plan is to hopefully get more writing done and then sync the visuals on Saturday, and then write some more.  Just need to kick this strep throat.  its not fun.


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I hope you get better soon, being sick is the worst.

Thanks!  I do feel much better, and I'm cleared to go back to work tomorrow.  So i think I'll live.  xD

So glad you're feelin better, funniest thing is I got sick that same day

Oh no!  Get well soon!


Oh yeah I'm feelin much better, it was the dreaded C-19 virus (idk if will get mad at me for sayin it or not so I'll play it safe).