Clash on Steam gets a new release date

You can read all about it at the below link:

This link right here!

But if you're not wanting to go to Steam to read it, the gist is I moved it from 1/6 to 1/2 so as not to coincide with Splatfest and so that I can use my last day off for release hype and maintenance.


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Closer release date? Very cool. I mean as long as ya don't pull the old Scott Cawthon release date thing /j

It's been so long since I was following FNAF releases, he would just release it and say "lol" right?  I'm trying my very best NOT to do that for once.  xD

He would spend ages sayin one release date, change it then say he'd release it early and just give a troll version then just release it on the normal date. But he did just release a game with no hype or anything one time, in all honesty, release date shenanigans like that are just comedic ^^

Ah see, I forgot all of that.  xD


All good. I just have an encyclopedic knowledge on fnaf stuff like this haha